I learned a lot of lessons the hard way. 

There’s the time I got my first credit card in college and like a toddler being unleashed in Dylan’s Candy Bar, it was disaster. I had a limit of $500, which I maxed out faster than you could say “it’s on me” and when the bill came, I just ignored it. 

Or when I was so desperate to be an adult and live on my own that I moved out of my parents’ house into a NYC apartment that I couldn’t afford; only to move back home 11 months later with my tail between my legs. TWICE. Are all mothers born with the “I told you so face?” Asking for a friend.

Let’s not forget about the time I convinced a friend to wear all black with me and hide in the bushes of my boyfriend’s house to see if he was cheating. Two hours later, we both had to use the bathroom, were bleeding in several places from sharp branches, and ended up sore for days from crouching down for so long. Oh and no, he wasn’t cheating. 

This isn’t my attempt to show you how stupid I used to be — although right now, you may be thinking otherwise. I’ve just learned a lot the hard way and hopefully by sharing my stories, you don’t have to. 

I have tons of little gems to share — whether it’s my secret to making a home smell good when you don’t have any candles, or why you should let your kids cry. 

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