Treasure Hunt 7.30.20


Did this week fly by for you too? Here's all the sweet little gems - some i own and love, some i can't wait to buy - that made me happy this week!

1. If you are single, in a relationship, married or divorced, you need to read The Course of Love. The book provides the most realistic picture of a long term relationship that I've ever read. From that first meeting filled with heart eyes to marriage, then kids, then infidelity, boredom and everything in between. All of the stuff that people never really talk about in relationships. We are told that we need to fall in love but, no one tells us how to stay in love. Read this book and save yourself some couples therapy. 

2. How chic is this mini tortoise shell table lamp

3. I'm always looking for beautiful ways to store everyday items and this jar with a cork ball lid definitely checks the box. I love that it comes in different sizes, a set of three would love gorgeous on a kitchen countertop. 

4. I love the thin frame of this picture frame and the price is just perfect. I purchased a few and it instantly elevates whatever art you put inside of it. 

5. I'm all about ceramic vases these days and this vase is stunning. It looks much more expensive than it is and the color and texture will make it a winner in almost any space.