My Skincare Routine | Winter


Did you know that Pharrell is 107 years old?
Ok fine, a quick Google search tells me that he’s actually 45, but he looks 20 thanks to that flawless face. I never understood why God wasted long eyelashes and perfect skin on men. I mean, come on, does he even have pores? The answer is no, and for that reason, he’s pinned on my vision board under: skincare goals.
Yesterday, my esthetician complimented me on my skin. This was a huge moment because she is a no-nonsense, terrifying, middle-aged Russian woman that would scare the designer pants off of Putin and usually, has me on the brink of tears. But, yesterday, and for the first time ever, she smiled at me.
Between the singular moment of approval from Veronika for my skin, my endless search to find out Pharrell's skincare regimen and my beauty product addiction, I am more than qualified to share the following gems to help you achieve beautiful skin too:

  1.  Wash your face properly. What if I told you that standing over the sink splashing water on your face like you’re taking a bird bath is not the right way to wash your face? All those Neutrogena commercials have it wrong. I noticed a difference in my skin once I started washing it correctly. Here's what to do, place a dime sized amount of cleanser in your hand and then gently rub that onto your dry face. Next, wet a washcloth in lukewarm water and remove the cleanser from your face. I use a new washcloth every day. Yes, you'll have more laundry but it’s your face is worth it.

  2. Stop using hot water. Hot water is horrible for your skin. It dehydrate the skin, strips it of its natural oils and damages your pores which can cause acne. Lukewarm water is your friend.

  3. Introduce a chemical exfoliator. Unlike a physical exfoliator (think: scrubs with beads in it), a chemical exfoliator goes beneath the surface to remove dead skin cells and clean your pores. This is essentially like taking your skin to the gym and giving it a good workout. Pro tip: don’t forget your neck! You don’t want a face like Pharrell and a neck like the old lady from the Titanic.

  4. Use sunscreen every single day. I’m especially talking to you, people of color. Contrary to popular belief, having a darker skin tone does not protect you from the sun. Sunscreen helps hyperpigmentation (leftover acne marks) from getting worse and in some cases, it can even help to clear up acne thanks to zinc oxide. Aim for SPF 30 or higher and wear it every day, even when it’s cloudy or raining. You’re throwing your money away if you’re using expensive products but not protecting it with a good SPF.

  5. A dermatologist is your best friend. Sometimes you just need to bring out the big guns. A good dermatologist can  save tons of money and keep your skin in tip top shape. 

Here are some products I keep in my arsenal:
Hands down the best make-up remover ever. It gently melts away make-up and it’s all natural. 
I’ve tried a lot of cleansers, I love this one because it’s gentle, feels luxurious and smells divine! 
My favorite washcloths
The holy grail of chemical exfoliators. Biologique Recherche’s exfoliating toner is the product that has single handedly changed my skin. If you do nothing else, buy this. Note: you must make a free account to purchase from Rescue Spa online. I highly recommend calling or emailing so they can give you a consultation on the best one for your skin as they have different versions. For your reference, I have hormonal acne and oily, dehydrated skin so I use the PIGM 400 and P50 (without phenol). 
This award-winning sunscreen completely lives up to the hyper. It goes on clear and doesn't leave a white cast. 

Still sleeping on cotton? Let me upgrade you with my favorite silk pillowcases. Cotton dries out the skin while silk retains moisture. Added benefit? You'll wake up with frizz-free hair as well. 

Happy glowing!